In response to WA’s Biodiversity Science Institute’s recent publication titled “Digitally Transforming Environmental Assessment Working Group Report”

A recent report by the West Australian government highlights the importance of working on making environmental regulatory processes more efficient, transparent and timely, in order for Western Australia to be able to remain “a recognized investment destination with a strong economy”.

We recognize that there is a huge overlap between the requirements listed in the publication and the offerings of Darwin Ledger, which is why we would like to list here exactly how Darwin Ledger can help environmentally important areas like Western Australia to evolve its regulatory processes while also protecting biodiversity in their area.

Darwin Ledger’s platform is a citizen science project that allows people from all over the world to upload their pictures of local fauna and flora on it and get rewarded in the process. This way scientist teams, government agencies and corporations have easy access to huge amounts of localized data, which – with the help of our partners – can be visualized easily in any form or graph and can be used to significantly reduce the time and resources needed to carry out environmental research or Environmental Impact Assessments.

Through this decrease in time and resources, projects in any area can start much earlier which in turn means that the – as per the report – “earlier delivery of economic and societal benefits” will also come to pass as well. In addition, our platform’s data can be accessed by any interested party which means that there’s great transparency in it – meaning that, again as per the report, not only there will be increased public trust that the local environment is well managed, but also government agencies will be able to have greater confidence that they are taking the correct environmental protection decisions.

The main aim of Darwin Ledger is working together with the public and the private sector in conjunction with the citizen scientists around the world to produce a platform and tools that will contribute to safeguarding our environment, while also enabling development that will enrich people’s lives. As seen above, our platform is 100% aligned to environmental agency goals, both long and short term.

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