Why Does Darwin Ledger Need Tokens?

After the interest that we saw in regards to Darwin Ledger and its inner workings, we decided to shed light on this popular topic. There are quite a few reasons that make the DAR tokens a part of our platform:

DAR Tokens allows for Global Interoperability

By using the DAR Token, Darwin Ledger is enabled to work with any government, any citizen in any part of the world due to the fact that our platform is not constrained by any type of currency. Payments can be fast, secure and transparent no matter where they take place – making for a truly global platform.

Programmable Money (Making contributions that matter)

In the future, our ERC-compatible token will enable our users to make a true impact on a global scale; using the DAR token, our users will be able to contribute or fund environmental projects all around the world.

The Chicken before the Egg (Tokens as an Incentive)

By making use of the blockchain, we incentivise the DAR token holders to actively work on expanding the Darwin Ledger platform since they effectively own a piece of it. Joining our IEO will enable early adopters to have to own a piece of Darwin Ledger, as well as make use of the platform’s services, at discounted rate since demand may increase the value of the DAR Token.

Decentralized Business Model

The DAR Token allows for a very simple business model: holders of DAR Tokens will be entitled to any benefits that flow from the success of the Darwin Ledger platform.

The bigger the platform gets, the bigger the rewards for early supporters, app developers and users become.

Accelerating Growth

Since we already have a tried and tested platform, we are set to use the liquidity we gain from the DAR Token sale on accelerating the Darwin Ledger platform’s rate of growth and to expand our database as much as possible – enabling us to take our offerings on the international markets sooner.

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