Darwin Ledger Partners with Vizzuality

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Vizzuality, a company that has worked with international environmental, educational and governmental institutions like the World Resources Institute on the Global Forest Watch and Global Forest Watch Climate projects, aimed at visualizing data on worldwide deforestation and its global climate cost.

Vizzuality will offer mapping services and tools that will enable users of Darwin Ledger around the world to use landscape and species data in visualizations they need in order to speed up their EIAs and scientific research.

Jodie Searle, Managing Director of Darwin Ledger, had the following to share in regards to the partnership with Vizzuality:

“This isn’t our first time working with Vizzuality and we came back based on the success of our first project and are looking forward to delivering for our stakeholders again with this relationship.”


About Darwin Ledger:

Founded in 2017, Darwin Ledger’s goal is to provide a centralized database where every citizen around the world will be able to contribute photos of wildlife, thus contributing to the discovery, study and preservation of plants, animals and cultural heritage sites. The database will also aid research teams, governments and corporations in carrying out their environmental studies in a more efficient manner, cutting down costs across the board.

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